Prayers Needed

Submitted By:Ashley Stewart
Prayer Request:Can you all pray that the praying against or witchcraft or occult practice that my grand aunt hetty is doing will not work on me ashley ju-danielle stewart or my mommy petagay marie thaxter or my sister tarieq lue-anton stewart or my grandpa maurice anthony wayne westney. Pray that it will be sent back to her and her kids who are the senders. She is always taking advantage over me my mommy especially and my sister because we use to prosper and because we stopped she is getting victory over us and the same things she went through is on us now and it is like she wants me and my sister and my mommy especially dead like she did to my grandma and she and my cousin rajiv and shannel turned my own grandparents against me and my sister tarieq and my mommy petagay especially and pray that their evil acts will turn back at them and the bible says no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I want to prosper or else i will kill her! And the psalmist has psalms against his enemies soo... and its like god is prospering her evil ways on us and i hate it because she always seems right and she even stops my mommy and myself\\\'s progress and also my sister. She crushed my mommy\\\'s dreams of moving out and it looks like its not God\\\'s will for us to get a break and move out so God is on her wicked side and always answers her prayers. :/ pray that nothing formed against me ashley stewart shall not prosper. Its been 8 years of suffering and having her rejoice over us. We need a break in life too and i hope she dies instead of us! her son even tried to kill me and there was none on my side and i have a mental illness and all they do is chat about i was a spoilt child. Just because i lived a better life than them. I am so upset right now. I had to be put through family issues because of them...that is not right and i am 16 and have been suffering from age 8 because of them. That jealous horse!