Prayers Needed

Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:I ask for your prayers regarding my son Jamal who seems constantly angry, he was brought up in the Adventist faith, but has now decided that he does not believe - he always has an answer which is contrary to what the bible says, he believes in something, he says he knows who God is, when you ask him if he prays he say yes - but he say's things that well are quite out of this world. He is angry at God - why I don't know. My husband says that Jamal is fighting with what he knows as truth. The devil has got a hold of my child and I am so tired, I worry about him because I don't know what is to become of him if he continues to go down this road. He smokes weed and he drinks. He dresses like a tramp, he swears a lot and although he acts the way he does. There are times that you can have a conversation with him that makes sense. He's aggressive and loves violence. Please pray for him regarding the above and also that he gets a job, please Oh God I am so tired. I also ask for your prayers for my daughter Abigail, my husband and I always say that she is a christian, as she has all the characteristics of a christian, it's just that she doesn't know it. She is kind, loving and helps anyone that comes into her life. The problem is that she is very close to Jamal. At times I can see traits of Jamal's influence - in just the way she speaks - she believes in something, she is not disrespectful to God, but she does not praise Him. Please pray for her - I witnessed young people getting baptised today and tears came into my eyes, because I thought about my three - and about the way they are. I have said to God that if there is something that is stopping them from wanting to know Him and that if I am the reason why, then God please take me. I ask for you prayers for Benjamin, my eldest who has been estranged from me and his family, I asked for prayers for Benjamin, that he would return home and he did - so thank you. But Benjamin unfortunately became a victim of what I can only describe has a narcissist - who wore him down spiritually, physically and mentally. Benjamin got baptised when he was 13 and met the narcissist when he was 16 - and that's when his life went down the drain, he does not know who he is - after all the prayers from around the world, Ben returned home after 10 years - he was disrespectful to me and his dad, swearing at us and we observed that he at every opportunity tried to bring discord in the family by manipulating Jamal and Abigail. I ask please that you pray for him. He needs to be reconnected to God, he is not talking to me or his dad - Jamal and Abigail dislike him to point of hatred. Please pray that they all reconnect to God. Please pray for my husband, he is a wonderful man - husband and father - he is grounded in his faith - which I salute him for because he is strong spiritually. The problem is he is contented with the way his life is - he has the ability to become more that what he is in terms of work, education - but he doesn't - he does not complete things, he is disorganised mentally because he is dyslexic and did not find that this out until he was 40 - We have been married for 30 years come October and because of his mental disorganisation he does not fully understand the pressure it places on me. We have spoken many times about it - but nothing changes. He says he will do - or yes darling I know, or my favourite one is yes darling I am going to. I am tired to the point where I want to just go away - I am tired and frustrated - Please pray for him that he changes that behaviour. As for me I asked for your prayers - in my weight loss plan - that I will lose 7 stones, I ask for your prayers with regards to me getting a job, I ask for your prayers that I know more about Jesus, because if I am honest, I do not really know God - I want to know Him - I want to understand Him. Please pray for me please.